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Pre-orders available now. Linen range will ship approx. December 9, Outback range will ship approx. December 29
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    The Outback Collection

    For those of you who want want a GlamSwag that's a bit more "hardcore" we've designed the Outback Collection for you.
    With colours inspired by Australia's vastly different landscapes and featuring a waterproof waxed canvas bottom and a soft cotton plaid top, they're made for the outdoors.
    Perfect on the beach, around the fire, in the back of a ute or just lazing around the campsite.

    Lie down, sink in... and relax!

    Outback GlamSwag - The Alice
    $275.00 AUD
    Outback GlamSwag - The Bells
    $275.00 AUD
    Outback GlamSwag - The Rotto
    $275.00 AUD
    Outback GlamSwag - The Bangalow
    $275.00 AUD
    Outback GlamSwag - The Daintree
    $275.00 AUD
    Outback GlamSwag - The Wimmera
    $275.00 AUD