About 2

I pictured a world where every living room, playroom, backyard, beach and park had the potential to be turned into the most comfy and beautiful lounging space. And I discovered my only option was to try to make something myself. Beautiful fabrics, detailed finishes and easy care were musts. Reference the three sons, countless sleepovers, picnics, sporting events, beach trips and more.

My brief:

Make it lighter than a futon but more substantial than a sleeping bag.

Has to have 100% French flax linen covers with beautiful detail.

Must be washable and durable (*three boys…).

Has to rollup then tie for easy transport.

Make it useable inside or out.

Must be timeless, beautiful, sophisticated and with an air of luxury and simple chic too.

Use ethical, sustainable materials and manufacturing processes (love the planet and its people).

Make it now!