GlamSwags have changed my life!

GlamSwags have changed my life!

A day in the life of writer Elizabeth Clarke’s GlamSwags.
My family of 2 teens and a dog require serious comfort and practicality, no matter what the day or what is planned. We have a stash of GlamSwags (one each!), which is a good thing because none of us are terribly good at sharing.
Here is how we use ours. Every. Single. Day.

7.00am I emerge from my room to find Hugo (and Pugalier) wrapped in his GlamSwag munching on cereal.  He looks like a bug-in-a-rug, which is lovely for him, but can make it difficult for me to coerce him into the shower.

9.00am If it’s the weekend, I’ll head to Bike Bar, grab a takeaway coffee from Vans and throw my GlamSwag on the lawn for a little lie-down-and-chill-time. It’s rarely uninterrupted but at least I’m horizontal. On a cloud.

12.00pm Why have lunch inside when you can lie down and eat it? We spread ours out on the lawn and luxuriate, usually over a lunch that is not nearly as chic as what we are lying on.

1.00pm Hugo is back inside on the couch under his GlamSwag. Gaming. I try not to notice and pretend he is reading a book instead.


2.00pm Poor Bella, studying for Yr.12 exams at the moment. Her GlamSwag makes it just that much more bearable.

4.00pm Hugo is having a friend over for a sleepover so we are using his GlamSwag as a second bed. It beats a bony fold-out bed or a doona on the floor.

5.00pm Rosé time! No one notices I haven’t organised nibbles because I have draped our GlamSwags over our annoyingly stiff and ugly outdoor chairs that suddenly feel like heaven.

7.00pm Unfortunately they are so comfortable I can’t get anyone to leave!

8.00pm And they are gone! Hugo, Nic and I decamp to the lounge room. Movie time! Fire is on, popcorn ready and we are all cocooned in our GlamSwags.

I really can't live without my GlamSwags!