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    Put simply, the GlamSwag is a portable bed that you can roll up and take anywhere. A big, fat cloud of feathers(the Inner) wrapped in one of our beautiful covers. Try one - you will be obsessed with them. That's our promise to you.

    Each of our luxurious covers are made from 100% French Flax linen. Pre-washed for the ultimate in softness and durability. 

    We've chosen linen for our new range because it's soft, timeless and steeped in character and tradition.

    The GlamSwag has been designed to be portable, so it's uses are many and varied. We have given much thought to the colours  and patterns in our new range. We want you to mix and match GlamSwags and BedHeads with different colours to make them really pop. 

     Here's how some of our customers use them:

    • Kids' sleepovers - You can leave the blow up mattress in the shed now!
    • Picnics or parks - I took them to Adventure World recently and stayed for hours longer than normal.
    • Playrooms - They are sooo much more comfortable than a beanbag.
    • Some people unroll them on the bed or couch when they want to relax quietly and read a book.
    • On the boat - Great for sunning yourself on the bow.
    • Camping/Glamping - Perfect for lying around and doing nothing.
    • Long car trips - Throw one on the back seat and you won't hear a peep from the kids!
    • At the beach - GlamSwag, umbrella, book... set.
    • GREAT for outdoor concerts(and just bask in the jealous glances).

      I could go on forever but I'm sure you get the drift. However you live your life it'll be much cosier with a GlamSwag.


      So lie down, sink in and enjoy!
      (and good luck trying to keep the dog off)

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