Thank you so much for turning up here. I just know it’s a place you’ll find it easy to feel at home in because that’s the main purpose of Glamswag. That and a whole lot of beautifully textured, luxe comfort. 


I’m Bec Johnson and the GlamSwag range of products is my creation. But before Glamswag I had a career in advertising, fashion, homewares, and my own retail shop called Birdlife. (Bird was my maiden name and lots of my mates still call me Birdie). I love talking to people, being creative and surrounding myself with beauty. I’m also a Mum to three boys which means countless sleepovers, picnics, sporting events, beach trips and more.  And lastly I’m a bit of a lounge lizard and an absolute textiles fanatic.

But back to Glamswag. How did it happen? It started after attending a fabulous party in the USA where the afterparty was staged in a huge tent, scattered with stunning, oversized cushions draped in the most beautiful fabrics. It’s where I spent most of the night and the next day and then, quite literally, could not stop thinking about how I could replicate the experience in my own home. I pictured a world where every living room, playroom, backyard, beach and park had the potential to be turned into the most comfy and beautiful bed. And I discovered my only option was to try to make something myself. 

My Brief: 

Make it lighter than a futon but more substantial than a sleeping bag

Has to have 100% French flax linen covers with beautiful detail of course

Must be washable and durable (*three boys…)

Has to rollup then tie for easy transport

Make it useable inside or out

Must be timeless, beautiful, sophisticated and with an air of luxury and simple chic too

Use ethical, sustainable materials and manufacturing processes ( ❤ the planet and its people)

Make it now!!!

‘Now’ proved to be a bit ambitious and it was two years and about 25 prototypes later before we were happy with the comfort, quality and durability of our product. It was then that GlamSwag was launched alongside The Bedhead cushion, a big, fat over-sized pillow that delivers the extra level of bury-me-deep comfort to get your lounging game down pat! 

A year later we designed the OutbackSwag, the must-have for outdoor adventuring, lounging around the fire pit, or stuffed into the back of a ute or RV for a spot of star gazing. And just recently The GlamSwag combo was completed with a beautiful range of double-bed sized, luxury, linen quilted throws, as well as linen pillowcases, covers for bedheads and linen swags, for when you want to change things up a bit. Job done, for now…! The GlamSwag range of take-anywhere rollup beds, bed-head pillows, and linen quilts met my original brief and then some.  

By the way, while the GlamSwag range was growing, we did too. We’ve now got a big, new warehouse and a team of people (it used to be just Hubby and I) to help pack our big, beautiful babies to send out across the globe.

Why not stay a while, make yourself at home and spend some time looking through our website. I’d just love your address to be the next place a GlamSwag combo lands!